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Pope Benedict has been responsible for the conversion, reversion, vocation and the deepening of faith of many young Catholics. At the time of his visit to the UK, many Catholics were luke-warm, even living their lives completely at odds to the Church. During this visit, and also World Youth Days in Sydney and Madrid, he has connected with them through his eloquence, his love and genuine concern. Who is God calling you to be?

Pope Benedict will be truly missed by our generation. Those who have met him look upon him fondly as a gentle grandfatherly figure, as he has pointed us towards Christ, at a point in time when many of us were at a crossroads, telling us not to settle for second best, but to strive for sainthood.

Over the next 40 days, 40 young people from Generation Benedict will each be sharing how he has touched their hearts and changed their lives.

About the Editors

This blog is edited by two young Catholic friends, passionate about Pope Benedict and the New Evangelisation.

Contact us

Please do leave a comment for us on the blog- we’d love to hear your experiences and about how Pope Benedict has touched your heart.

You can contact us by email at birminghamyoungadults at gmail.com

You can find us on Twitter @bhamcatholics and @catholicismroks

9 comments on “About

  1. Well done.May your tributes inspire many young people

  2. Just found this. It is one of the best blogs I have come across with absolutely fantastic content. Keep fighting the good fight of the Faith. God bless you!

  3. Hey, this is great! Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is really an inspiring man. Will send you my piece as well. 🙂

  4. I met him once in February, 1999 in Rome. What a gentle man! He gave me a blessing in Latin!

  5. Awesome blog – loving reading the posts!
    In Domino

  6. am smiling ear to ear when reading this blog on feast day of St. Joseph, name-day of our special someone. thank you for this wonderful blog

  7. I wIas so happy to find about generation Benedict. I was looking everywhere to express my gratitude for Pope Benedict whom I miss immensely. I have been changed by his pontificate and would like to thank him May God grant him many years.

  8. Great theologian, his religious teachings & writing have depth and enhanced my faith. I was touched by the fact that he knew and was courageous enough in saying he could not continue and took action, while others love to keep holding to power or cant take action.by stepping out, he showed wisdom and is exemplary .thank you pope Benedict xvi.

  9. I love this website which I’ve only just found. I do hope you keep it going. One of the strengths of the Church is that younger Catholics are firing the church up and it seems to happened under Pope Benedict’s watch which is fantastic.

    Don’t be put off by Pope Benedict resigning and Pope Francis taking over. In this country it is Pope Benedict’s legacy that is rebuilding the Church. It is small at the moment, but progress is being made all the time. Where progress is being made I have noticed that Pope Benedict’s name is always mentioned.

    Keep up the great work.

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